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The first release by Blu Streets Records is an album of songs of praise and worship that is entitled Kirk In Spirit. This will be followed by several singles that will be released in downloadable formats even before they are compiled into an album.

Kirk's CD Baby page lets you stream short samples and purchase a download for the ones you like at an affordable price. You can browse them from Kirk's artist page at CD Baby or with the links below:

Hot deals on songs from the album Kirk In Spirit:

Beside You - $0.75

Unto You - $0.00

When Your Heart Has Jesus - $0.75

I Praise You So - $0.75

Other Genres

A Perfect Photographic Memory of You - $0.99

The Meadow of Your Mind - $0.99

Free Audio Samples

The Listening Booth section of the site features a playlist of the latest releases from Blu Streets Records in a fashion that allows you to hear the songs in their entirety. Just like the old days at the record shop when you could listen to a song (or an album) before choosing to buy, the Listening Booth section is there to allow you to check out the songs all you want while you decide if you want to purchase the product. It will also be linking to a playlist for each CD release like the Kirk In Spirit CD Playlist and we will be setting up another one just for the single releases, too.

Stay tuned for updates on more songs and other merch!

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