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About Blu Streets Records

Blu Streets is the the newest record company in the Columbia River Gorge, located near Goldendale, Washington.

Blu Streets Records is the brainchild of Kirk Philipsen, who started the label to produce the songs he and his brothers have written over the years. And then there are songs written by friends, with friends and requests for ones for friends that need some work to be done, and the friends who want to record a tune or two and don't want to fuss with recording it themselves. That'a our niche at the time!


The first release by Blu Streets Records will be a CD of songs of praise and worship to be entitled Kirk In Spirit. This will be followed by several singles that will be released in downloadable formats.

The Listening Booth section of the site features a playlist of songs from the CD Kirk In Spirit that allows you to hear the songs in their entirety. Just like the old days at the record shop when you could listen to a song (or an album) before choosing to buy, the Listening Booth section is there to allow you to check out the songs all you want while you decide if you want to purchase the product.

The Listening Booth section runs on Opentape which also features a Shockwave Flash player that is embeded in every page of this site. For folks who don't have the plug-ins for that, the Listening Booth page will work just fine.

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